Phone Flipper

Phone Flipper

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Lapis Treasure
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Each Phone Flipper is made of 2 mm thick, flexible, printable vinyl with a self-colored flexible finger loop. The Phone Flipper is made to flex and fit flat into your pocket and is finished with an intensely strong yet removable 3M peel and stick, a non-permanent adhesive which will adhere to most plastic devices or cases.

Every style is made to stick on any smartphone or tablet and sticks to most plastic phone cases except silicone cases or silicone blends (typically cases with a waxy feel). The Phone Flipper also does not adhere to anti fingerprint glass and the iPhone 8 and 8Plus requires a case due to the device’s silicone.

 Designed to USE, The Phone Flipper gives the confidence to Stop the Drop, to do anything with your phone in your hand. The perfect selfie or filled hands, the grip allows newer, larger phones to be used with ease and allows your most precious accessory easy use. Don’t Slip, Just Flip with any style Phone Flipper you fancy!

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