Grill Sergeant Grill Gloves

Grill Sergeant Grill Gloves


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★ Length: 18"

★ Size: One Size - L/XL

★ Heat: These handle 900+° ambient air temp, & 500+° direct metal contact.  Trust us - we tested dozens of models, & NONE can handle more heat than ours.

★ Exterior: Full forearm protection, sewn on 3D TPR logo, ultra-thick Neoprene, oil & heat resistant, 100% waterproof, textured palm for control & safety when handling wet & greasy/oily items, & easy to clean!

★ Interior: Brand new, custom dual-sponge inner layer is unique & beats cotton & "kevlar" inner liners for heat resistance.  Kevlar stops bullets, & cotton makes a great t-shirt, but our purpose-crafted dual-sponge liner protects you better than anything out there!

★ Uses: Grilling, smoking, BBQ, frying, baking, cooking, roasting, broiling, dying, brewing, boiling, steaming - whew! Oh, & they're comfortable and fit REALLY well. 

★ Why buy these:  They are the best.  Nothing compares to these.  Our Dual-Sponge liner is unique and helps handle heat brilliantly &, oh ya, they come with our LIFETIME WARRANTY. Gloves?  Yup, they sure do.

★ The competition: None of them handle heat like ours, & none of them will offer you a lifetime warranty.  We'll let you guess why.

★ What you get: One pair of genuine GRILL SERGEANT Grill Gloves inside our gift-ready box.

★ Warranty: Lifetime.  Period.

★ Cleaning: Just leave the gloves on, grab some dish soap, & wash them under running water (super hot water if you want to). Easy!

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