Grill Sergeant Flavor Injector

Grill Sergeant Flavor Injector


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Welcome to the Grill Sergeant Family!  Our line of premium, high-quality grilling tools and accessories is second to none.  Every item that bears our logo carries our Lifetime Guarantee.  Grill Sergeant products aren’t the cheapest - but they are the best!  Like anything in life - you get what you pay for!

Grill Sergeant Flavor Injector

★ Dimensions: 6" x 1"

★ Material: 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel & for a lifetime of trouble-free use.  Others are made from aluminum which can degrade and impart unhealthy metals and flavors into your food

★ Capacity: 2.5 oz - you'll find lots of 2 oz injectors that pretend to be the real deal.

★What's included:

- (1) 2.5 oz Flavor Injector body with plunger
- (2) 6" 12-hole needles (used for injecting liquid marinades into large pieces of meat)
- (2) 6" open-ended needles (used for injecting thicker marinades and purees into large pieces of meat)
- (2) 3" 2-hole steak needles (used for injecting liquid marinades into steaks and smaller pieces of food)
- (2) Needle cleaning brushes
- (11) Pure silicon o-rings
- (1) Quality flip-top cardboard gift box and our custom foam insert to store your flavor injector set

★ Why buy these: These are rock solid, come with a lifetime warranty, have a larger capacity, come with more needles, more silicone o-rings, can handle anything you throw at them, won't bend or melt, are pure 304 SS, disassemble for easy cleaning, and are 100% dishwasher safe.

★ The competition: There is none, really, but just in case you see some that LOOK similar - compare the warranty, the capacity, the number of needles, the number of o-rings, and the packaging.

★ Warranty: Lifetime.  Period.

★ Cleaning: Simply hand-wash OR throw it in the dishwasher. We recommend using the cleaning brushes first to dislodge any solids.

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