Geometry Not Paper Towels - Pack of 6

Geometry Not Paper Towels - Pack of 6


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Not Paper Towel (Set of 6)

Reusable / machine-washable eco-friendly alternative to paper towels

♺ Made from post-consumer recycled materials

Size: 13.5” x 8.5”

Single-sided print with embossed "G" logo pattern


Printed in California



Our Geometry Not Paper Towels™ are both durable and beautiful, and did we mention they’re reusable? Made from post-consumer recycled materials, the Not Paper Towel™ is a fun and functional way to reduce the waste we put in our landfills. Reusable and machine washable, this eco-friendly alternative to the traditional paper towel is our new favorite kitchen cleanup helper. Available in sets of 6.

How do I use my Not Paper Towels?

Not Paper Towels are an alternative to the traditional paper towel. The uses are endless for our paper towel alternative; clean up spills in the home, car, and art studio, and wipe down appliances/glass for a streak free clean. 

It's best to wash your new Not Paper Towels in a washing machine prior to use. Use the printed side of the Not Paper Towel to clean with, as well as the non-printed side- this prevents overuse of the white side- which will display stains more visibly and at a faster rate than the printed side. 
 Dampen prior to use. 

Not Paper Towels can be hand rinsed for multiple uses between washes. Hand rinse the Not Paper Towel sheet in the sink with either cold or warm water temperature and a drop of soap and then hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area before putting the sheet in a hamper to be later deep-cleaned in the washing machine. They dry very quickly :)

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